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Originally Posted by UGAalum94 View Post
I hadn't really thought about it before, but yeah, I saw one GPA that really surprised me and she was going to Alabama.

I should have wondered how she was going to "The Capstone" with lower than a 3.0 out of high school and kind of average SATs.
I don't write as many recs as I used to, but when I was writing them hardcore, I always noticed that the GPAs for women going to Alabama and Auburn were a little lower than those headed to UF and UGa, in part because the Florida and Georgia schools are so much more competitive now because of Bright Futures and the HOPE scholarships. I'd imagine that if Alabama had a similar program, then the GPAs would be a little higher too.

As far as US News goes, I always thought Alabama was ranked higher than 83rd. UF is in the low 50s--definitely not the highest-ranked state school, but I believe it's the highest-ranked in the SEC.
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