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Originally Posted by kk_bama View Post
Thank you, thank you! Everything is going wonderfully this year for us. I'm heading down tonight to bunk up for 3 nights. I took tomorrow off work to help out my girls!
Wish we could have been there at the same time! It was so wonderful to be there helping, even though I had to park on the other side of the stadium! It was HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

The girls in the chapter are GREAT! The CLC Hayley is awesome - even though she is from my crosstown rival school

There were three of us Gamma Phi alums who drove all the way from Peachtree City to help (nearly 4 hr drive one way!) and we were very impressed with the chapter President - one of the other alums is a retired Army officer - I am retired AF - and we both commented on what great leadership skills Stephanie has! We thought the MVP really had her you-know-what together too. The house mom was very nice and the girls' moms who were there were just so sweet & helpful. I was happy to have made the trek to help!
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