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ksu - some advice for your big...take it or leave it.

1.) she needs to stop worrying about what her little is doing and focus on herself. she can have a beautiful wedding without spending as much....sometimes you just have to decide what to spend more on and what to skimp on a little.

2.) New England's way of life is COMPLETELY different than Ohio's. No wonder your twin is getting married in a castle. Good luck to your big if her standards are that high. Tell her to consider a nice reception hall and if it is too much on a Saturday, have her check on a Friday night (unless for some reason the date is significant or already strictly set). We saved almost $2000 by having our wedding on a Friday night which allowed us to spend more money on a fabulous photographer!! Also....Friday nights usually come with the bar, food, etc. No extra fees per person for that stuff!

3.) Find someone who makes cakes on the side. Much cheaper but usually just as wonderful!

4.) She can also do her own invitations if she wants to watch her budget. There is a paper place in Brunswick called Hollo's PaperCraft. She can get the paper cut the size she needs it and it costs by the pound. We got all the paper for invitations, place cards, programs, response and reception cards, as well as envelopes for less than $80. Also....if she knows someone who is great with computers, she can enlist them to print them (someone with access to a laser printer to make them look nicer).

5.) Get flowers from a wholesaler instead of a shop. Once again much cheaper and just as nice. Again....enlist someone to help put together bouquets, table arrangements, etc.

It breaks my heart to hear that she wants to compete with her little. She needs to understand that it is her day and it is what SHE makes of it, not what others compare it to. I hope this advice helps and if she's getting married locally (Akron/Canton area), I could help possibly a little more from the research I did about a year ago.

Good luck to all of you!!!
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