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Last week I was driving home from work on I-95 and a VW Beetle goes by and I see that she's in a sorority, but I can't make out which one because of the glare.

As I got closer, I saw she was an Alpha Phi from University of Delaware! I passed her and went to say hi, but she exited right then.

While I was home over Winter Break, I was talking to my best friend and she mentioned that one of her friends joined Alpha Phi at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I was pretty surprised to hear this because she had started off at Northern Illinois (and I thought she was still there) and a bunch of her friends joined Delta Gamma. UIUC was actually my second choice and I had always wondered if I would have joined Alpha Phi there, let alone gone Greek.

Later over break, I stopped into Bath and Body Works to make a return for my mom and I saw a girl I had played soccer with for a few years in high school, and had also been in a show choir with me for a year. We weren't close enough to hang out ever, but we did talk pretty often. She told me she was at UIUC and asked me if I joined a sorority at Florida Tech. I said, "Yes, Alpha Phi", and she replied, "GET OUT!" Turns out she is also an Alpha Phi at the Beta Alpha chapter. Crazy, huh?

Then I found out that another girl who I played soccer with joined Alpha Phi at Northern Illinois. Small world, indeed.
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