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To the parents who feel the pain that their kids experience, know you are not alone. I cheered for my twins going through recruitment at two Big10 schools last year. As level headed as they are naturally and as well prepared as they were about what to expect, at the end of the day, they were 18 year old girls. The road is bumpy and there will be disappointment for virtually every pnm. They want to stay positive but it is hard when they are dropped from their legacy chapter or the chapters they liked that their friends/roommates get invited back to, etc. It is hard for them to avoid second guessing when they hear negative tent talk about a chapter they love. As the parent, just keep encouraging them to stick with the process and remember that just like with dating and job interviews, rejection stings but each "no" puts you closer to finding the right match. Good luck to all the pnms. Keep us posted on your stories.
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