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Originally Posted by Coramoor View Post
I was just down at Auburn for a few weekends.

Now if I went by only what I read by other memebers here posting about Auburn or the South I would be extremely impressed and think it is the coolest place in the world. However, I've been there and experienced the scene. I've also been to about 30 other campuses all over the country.

While Auburn was pretty really isn't anything to write home about. I'd put it in my top five, but Ohio University (Athens Ohio), Miami (Oxford Ohio), WVU (Morgantown WV), and Texas A&M all have better bars, parties, and women.

The one cool thing about Auburn was the Supper Club. The girls are no harder to get or talk to there. College girls are the same everywhere...they want to hook up just like guys do, it just takes a little more alcohol to make them admit it sometimes.
You sound like a gay. There can be no enjoyment experienced if you are north of the Mason-Dixon. This leads my conclusion to be that you have no idea what you speak of.
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