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Originally Posted by PeppyGPhiB View Post
I love the Oregon coast. My family went to Seaside, OR every summer when I was growing up and I fully intend to take my kids there when I have some. Oregon has an incredible mix of both powdery and rugged beaches. Seaside has a boardwalk you can ride your bike down, a main street teens like to cruise down that is lined with salt water taffy/candy shops, arcades, cheesy putt-putt golf and restaurants. Or go five minutes away to Cannon Beach, an artsy town with yummy restaurants, luxury hotels, an iconic beach, and not much else.
I always end up at the coast for about any vacation/day off I have (I went today for instance). I'm a big fan of Cannon Beach and Newport. Seaside tends to be super busy most of the time so I go down to the other two so that I can deal with a smaller crowd. I love the aquarium at Newport, but the beach at Cannon is my favorite. No matter what beach you visit, you have to find Mo's. The clam chowder...OMG I may have to do another trip tomorrow because I'm craving now.

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