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Red face

Originally Posted by BookWorm2018 View Post
Matilda Wormwood: I absolutely loved the way the sisters of this house interacted with each other. They all called each other by adorably personal nicknames and goofed around a lot, something I appreciated in the midst of how serious recruitment seems. * * * I had an extremely boring conversation with a second active about the types of FISH we liked to eat (I canít make this upÖ it was the strangest conversation Iíve had in a long time), so Iím a little on the fence about this house.
I know this university, my wife did her undergrad there. But I won't ruin the story by naming it.

If the fish conversation was initiated by a sorority member, it sounds like it could have been some kind of prank or a smart a** who was bored at the end of a long day.
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