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Thank you all so much for your kind words! Iím glad that most of you like my theme, it just felt right!

Open House!
This morning was definitely an earlier start than Iím used to, but nothing a good cup of coffee canít fix! We were all herded like adorably dressed sheep to the Panhellenic building to meet with all of the sororities officially for the very first time. I had to push my nervousness to the back of my mind quite a few times in the minutes leading up these introductions, but I think the day went relatively well!

Jo March: My first recruitment party! I loved the way this room was decorated and all of the actives had such cute matching t-shirts on. The first girl I talked to was so easygoing, and I was suddenly very grateful that she was the first person I got to talk to in my recruitment experience. We chatted about all of the basics before I was introduced to another girl. I didnít get quite the same vibe from the second active, but I could tell she was sweet. I wasnít sure how this house would stack up to the others by the end of the day.
Ramona Quimby: I got a very laid back yet put together feeling from this house, and that definitely interested me. This houseís room wasnít as decorated as the last though, which was a little disappointing because I think one of the fun things about recruitment is getting to express your chapterís personality and values in a unique way! I met three girls in this house, but none of them really stood out in my mind by the end of the day. If I go back to this house tomorrow I hope to learn a bit more about who they are on campus!
Nancy Drew: I was excited to meet with the women of this chapter since my sister speaks so highly of them. I once again LOVED the look of this houseís room. I really appreciated the fact that it was obvious this sorority didnít have a ďtypeĒ that they looked for. Every girl was different in terms of looks, sizes, hair and makeup preferences. The first two girls I spoke with were incredible. My conversations with each of them quickly moved past what our majors were and into our favorite fast food restaurants and what TV shows we both enjoyed. I could tell that the third girl I spoke with was incredibly uncomfortable. Iím not sure if she was worried about something outside of recruitment or just shy, but I could barely get this active to say two words to me. She was constantly darting her eyes around the room and could never bring herself to make eye contact with me. Not the best way to end my visit with this house, but I would definitely say I could see myself as a sister here.
Anne Shirley: I made quite a few friends in this house last semester, and I know that theyíre well regarded on campus. Another beautiful room with so many beautiful girls! I was paired with one girl that I already knew, and we talked about how our holidays had been. I later spoke with another girl that ended up being involved in an on-campus group that I was hoping to join within the next few months, so it was really nice to get some information from someone who was actively involved in the organization. I had an average conversation with the last girl I spoke with, but I had had such a wonderful time with the other two actives that I didnít really let it phase me.
Fern Arable: This chapter had kind of flown under the radar for me during my first semester at school, but I absolutely loved every girl that I met in this house today! I felt like I connected with all three of the actives I met with on such a personal level, and I genuinely felt like I was surrounded by people who were similar to me! They seem like such a fun loving group, and Iím so surprised that I didnít notice them earlier!
Hermione Granger: This house was another question mark for me, as I hadnít met many of them before recruitment had started. The first active I spoke to was very tired. She couldnít stop yawning the entire time we talked! I honestly felt bad because I know these sororities put so much time and effort into preparing for recruitment, but it was a little strange to witness first hand. The second and third actives I spoke with were very friendly, but we never moved past the basic conversational points like I had hoped we could. The girls seemed to genuinely care for each other, but I left feeling a little confused as to whether or not this could be the right house for me.
Laura Ingalls: This is another house that I had made a lot of new friends in during the fall semester. This group was so incredibly energetic, and I LOVED that about them! I actually met with four girls in this house, and each radiated such a positive attitude that I think it rubbed off on me. This house made me want to join them, to be apart of their wonderfully inclusive sisterhood. I have everything crossed in the hopes that Iíll be visiting this house again tomorrow!
Matilda Wormwood: I absolutely loved the way the sisters of this house interacted with each other. They all called each other by adorably personal nicknames and goofed around a lot, something I appreciated in the midst of how serious recruitment seems. I talked with a girl that shared the same major as me, but our commonalities seemed to end there. I had an extremely boring conversation with a second active about the types of FISH we liked to eat (I canít make this upÖ it was the strangest conversation Iíve had in a long time), so Iím a little on the fence about this house.

I was definitely a little scared to rank the sororities so soon after meeting them, but we were instructed to list our top five and bottom three. Iím keeping mine all ranked to show you how I felt about each of the houses today. I ranked mine as:
Laura Ingalls
Anne Shirley
Fern Arable
Nancy Drew
Jo March
Ramona Quimby
Hermione Granger
Matilda Wormwood

I am thoroughly exhausted from the days events, and I feel so unsure as to what exactly will happen tomorrow. I have already heard so many girls thoughts on how each of their parties went, but itís all just computing as a jumbled mess in my brain. Iím definitely ready for tomorrow so that I can hopefully sort out my thoughts on each house a little better. I just keep telling myself: one day closer to Bid Day!
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