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I moved back into my dorm for most of today before attending the big Orientation session in the evening. We were given some last minute details and tips for the week, but I was honestly a little distracted by how many girls were at this meeting! I was starting to get a feel for how stressful this week was truly going to be. We were sorted into our Gamma Chi groups as well, and I can already tell how AMAZING mine is! I actually knew one of the girls in my group already, so I chatted with her about our expectations for the week. I have all of my outfits hung neatly in my closet and my brain prepped for the week to come. A couple of us girls decided to watch a movie before settling in for the night, but we talked about recruitment for most of the film! Itís so interesting to hear about how different individuals have come to perceive the chapters on campus. Iíve come to realize that no two girls seem to have the exact same opinion or preference when it comes to the houses, and I think thatís probably a good thing! I am ecstatic for the week to begin, and I canít stop texting my mom and sister about how nervous and excited I am. I am now trying to force myself into a tireless sleep. Open House canít come soon enough!
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