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Thank you everyone for the good discussion. Especially to learn about how recruitment used to be structured

Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Absolutely. This is the same ridiculousness that keeps college Panhellenics from being able to say "you don't have a snowball's chance in hell if you don't have recs/know people from Foofoo High/go to Roundup etc." Which is stupid, because the TRULY politically correct thing to do would be to make sure EVERYONE is informed of this, not just the "old girl network" who knows you have to have recs/Foofoo/Roundup etc - and who therefore keeps tight rein on the membership of the groups.

And if this means that chapters at less competitive schools get recs that they really don't need, well, that's not that big of a deal. Seriously.
Is it really 'mean' and 'politically incorrect' to remind the PNMs that while their preferences are taken into account, not to forget that their preferences only are considered AFTER the Chapters have have made their selections of who to invite back to the next day?
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