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2. What are the rules at your school surrounding disaffiliation for Pi Chis/Rho Chis/Rho Gammas (whatever you call them at your school)? If you have Spring rush do they disaffiliate for the whole Fall Semester? And if so, do you charge them dues for that semester? Do you have a hard time getting people to apply for these positions since it means such a long disaffiliation?

Our girls will disaffliate around homecoming, normally in October. They don't wear letters, remove them from cars, and try to mix with all groups.

I don't know about dues. I was never one, so I don't really know that part.

I don't think any of the groups have a hard time getting GP.

3. What are the rules at your school surrounding contact between sorority members and freshmen women? We've historically had a pretty strict policy that allowed very little interaction - you could say hello, give them directions to their class, but not much more. How do you handle this when you don't know at the beginning of the semster which freshmen will choose to rush and which won't?

This is a problem at GC because there is a lot of "dirty rushing". The only greek silence period is after everyone returns from Christmas break until Chapel Day.

4. Do you find that most PNMs have already made up their mind about which group they want to join before Formal Recruitment begins?

As to the groups... we do have a lot of girls that decide which group is for them before recruitment starts. This is good and bad... because some girl always gets cut from the group that "dirty rushed" them the semester before. It is better now with four groups but when there was only 3 groups it was really really bad. We also have girls who would not be greek because they have formed impressions of greek life and what type of girls join... WE have girls who would join a group because their sister was in that group, instead of where they "fit" in.

I have thought on this topic for my own college before. Both ways have their drawbacks. I think in the end that deferred is best for the freshman because they are allowed to be freshman without having an letters attached. They form friendships with women that they might not have if they rushed during the first weeks. They have better grades and they are
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