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Originally Posted by w&lTX View Post
thanks for all of the advice! I kind of assumed that I'm over-prepared, but it's hard not to be with all of the information that's been thrown at me for big southern state school type recruitment, so this is a wonderful relief! I'm not going to include everything I have because I really feel like it's excessive.

I'm really excited about rushing and W&L in general. I can hardly wait! thanks again!
I would go ahead and submit a rec for every chapter, esp if you already have them. Despite what I heard, I really don't think it would hurt and we definitely DO get girls, esp from the deep south, who submit one or more. But anything else is unnecessary. Greek life at W&L is wonderful and there are great girls in EVERY srat (as you will hear them called). I would love to hear a recruitment story from you when the time comes.

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