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Some schools have taken "no frills" to mean counting balloons, calling rush infractions on other groups because a PNM walked out w/ confetti on her shirt, etc. That is NOT what it's supposed to be about and completely violates the whole spirit of the idea - just as making ridiculous rules about sorority members having any contact with freshmen completely violates the intended point and spirit of deferred rush.

I honestly think it would almost make things easier if the sororities could all get together and say "we're going to do so and so, show this movie, this is our skit" and be fair and open about it. The reason you have silly crap like counting balloons is no matter what, everyone's afraid they're going to be one-upped somehow. It's easy to make rules about no frills, to actually make people understand WHAT THE REAL POINT IS is the hard part.

Let me say I've got no problem with things like skits and songs - they're fun and let the rushees relax and just be spectators. But when you only have a total of 5 hours to spend with women in rush (i.e. a girl rushing you from Meet the Greeks on through till pref will be in your company a total of 5 hours) and you eat up 45 minutes of it with a skit, then is when you should stop and think. Especially if the rushees are 95% freshmen women you've never set your eyes on till they walked in the door.
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