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I think the biggest advantage of "no frills" is financial. You've got to consider the return on your investment. The money we spent on food, favors, name tags, invitations, etc. was outrageous and my school was a mid-west, blue collar type of school. Without all those expenses, we actually had more money to cover formals, mixers, and sisterhoods. And, as several people pointed out earlier, the time involved in all that planning and implementation. It was exhausting. And, you can spend more time during each event actually TALKING to the PNMs so they get to know you and you get to know them.

I still find it a little odd that, no matter which sorority you got a bid from, each PNM had numerous favors with letters on them from all the different groups. It seemed ok at the time, but seems strange in retrospect, especially when the debates go on here about whether new members can wear letters.

Even at the "lowest frills" campuses that I'm familiar with, they still dress similarly, sing their songs and have formal preferences with ceremonies.
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