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They offer a one time free meeting. Then if they decide counseling is needed they refer you to someone or it might be referral if they feel that the issues can't be helped by them. If they think they can help I think those are the free sessions at the school itself.

I feel like plastic surgery could help. I think it would start getting me more positive attention and it'd help being at least average looking. It's just so expensive and the time I'd be "out" for would just push school back.

My school has a philanthropy org I emailed. I emailed a red cross chapter close by, and the rest was just other interests like the lifting club and snow sports club on campus. Then isk mentioned habitat for humanity and I just emailed the chapter on campus. I only use facebook to "creep" on pages like the fraternity or stuff. I don't actually use it/have an activate account. I could if it would help getting in touch with the clubs tho.

Well, I am bothered by them a lot. I have a big nose that is curved (Adrien Brody's nose x2), big ears that stick out, and a recessed/weak jaw - that's what's wrong with my looks. I've gotten plenty of comments on these terrible features. Some people go as far as saying if I had a smaller straight nose and smaller ears I'd be kinda ok looking. I'm inclined to agree with that and I'm sure if you saw my face it'd be a similar agreement.
But fixing everything would mean at least 6-8 months of basically doing nothing + 40k. Part of me thinks do it now and come back to school for a potentially good last year of college but then again I'll just be older and out a ton of money.

Sorry about how off-topic my posts have been and how big of a trainwreck this thread has manifested into. But I appreciate all the advice and how nice everyone is considering how often I'm crying on here. So, thanks for all that.

I guess I may as well just delete my application/profile for rush and go ahead and text the rush chair from the house I went to that I won't attend any other events and won't be able to continue rushing.
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