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These stories are definitely not as good as the ones I've read here, but I wanted to share.

There are only three sororities at the university I attended, and Rush isn't until the middle of January. By the time Rush starts, many of the freshman have lives, boyfriends, etc. which is why I sometimes think the Greek system is not as popular as it could be, but anyway.

I met my boyfriend (at the time) on the first day of freshman year. He had attended some pre-rush events at Phi Kappa Tau, and through him I had gotten to know some of the guys in the fraternity and their girlfriends. I didn't hang out there much, however. I decided to go through Rush at the last minute, and went to the Kappa party first, followed by DG. I had a great time at the KKG party, they totally stuffed me full of food and I had great conversation, and then I went on to the DG party. My hostess was very nice and we had a good laugh when she offered me food and I realized I just couldn't eat any more, and then she took me around to meet the other members. She introduced me to a member that I hadn't met, who must have been the girlfriend of a Phi Tau. Instead of greeting me with "Hi, I'm Amber, it's nice to meet you, I've seen you around the Phi Tau house, etc." she said "Hi! I know you! You're John Doe's girlfriend!" Gee, good thing we hadn't broken up! At that same party, I met a girl who was a lifeguard at the Rec Center, and she greeted me with "Oh, I've seen you, you're at the pool a lot with all those guys!" I was good friends with some of the guys who lived on the floor below me (small school, dorms are all coed layered), and we DID hang out at the pool because we liked to swim. Um, thanks for using that as your great conversation starter instead of perhaps asking me if I planned to join the swim team! I left the party unimpressed and eventually cut DG.

A giggle for you: Two years later I was elected Membership Chair, which I thought I would totally hate but I ended up loving it!! We decided to serve sherbet punch at the first round, but as it turned out we couldn't get into the freezer in the room where we had the party (no houses, sororities use large meeting rooms or the nicer dorm lounges for rush parties). Not good! until the person in charge of first round parties came up to me and said "I wrapped the sherbet in the grocery bag and stuck it in that bush outside (pointing out the window to said shrubbery)." Finally, I discovered the advantages to rush in the middle of January in Wisconsin. And thankfully no one stole the ice cream.

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