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How to add more sororities to my school?


I'm currently at a university with around 7 sororities. Each chapter has wonderful girls, but I'm wondering how we can expand our Greek Life by adding more sororities? I've mentioned it to the Panhel board but they have said we cannot add or expand right now. Normally, I would take their word. But the last PC for our chapters have been 80+ girls, which compared to many other schools is very high! I personally, would rather have a 40 PC where the girls have a closer bond and actually get to know each other.

Am I wrong? Is it still possible to be "closed" for expansion even with such high numbered Pledge Classes?

Can someone explain the process to me? I've talked to many other students who also agree we need to add more houses. We're missing KD, Pi Phi, GPhi, AOPi, AGD, Theta, DZ, and a lot of others!