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Originally Posted by ChioLu View Post
When I started advising at UCLA in 2005, pledge classes were 25-28 new members. Then we got 2 amazing Greek life staffers (who are no longer there ó thanks UCLA F&SL office!) who took NM totals to anywhere from 50 to 70 new members each year with QA. Chapter totals went from 125 to 200 members in about 7 years. Plus AXO and AGD recolonized. On the Fraternity side, I believe 6-7 Fraternities recolonized during that time.

AXiD would have also recolonized already by now and I donít think that DDD would have shut down if UCLA still had those 2 Greek Life Advisors.
Originally Posted by Jen View Post
What was it about them that turned things up so much? That's a pretty good increase in a short time.
Originally Posted by ChioLu View Post
Just 2 amazing Fraternity/Sorority Advisors who are always promoting Greek Life! They have also been Consultants for other universities and increased membership at many schools. The Sorority Advisor helped increase membership in a similar way at UCSD before he came to UCLA.
Troy was my co-worker at the Dean of Students/Greek Life Office at San Diego State University (not UCSD) prior to leaving us for UCLA. That man has a passion for students and seeing that they have a positive experience. His boundless energy and expertise in Greek Life matters ensured high success for chapters and individual students alike. Our loss was your gain and now CSUDH's gain!
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