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Not for my sorority, but for a fraternity...
I was really good friends with some Sig Eps for awhile and it was one of the three nights girls were allowed at their house for rush so I went over there with some friends. These guys come through and start asking us about fraternities and I was talking up Sig Ep and all cause they were my boys... well one of the rush guys busts out with "so are you all the house whores?" and the other guy was like "yeah, do we get to screw you if we join?" we were all so shocked all I could stutter out was "you two little shits..." and walked away. I told me friend there what had been said and he went and explained to the guys that the girls at the rush parties were FRIENDS of the guys, some were girlfriends and some were little sisters so they needed to be respectful. They didn't rush Sig Ep, but it was really funny later on talking about it!
Okay a funny sorority rush story...
So, this year during rush we had goldfish at our second round of parties in little bowls on each individual table. They were all cute and stuff.. so this girl comes in and sits down and was like 'oh my god, with all this clapping and talking and as loud as you all are you should be ashamed of yourself." I was like HUH?? and she started lecturing me about how goldfish are extremely sound sensitive and we were murdering innocent little fish (Did I mention that they are actually FEEDER FISH! that would have died in another fishes stomach?). so she grabs the bowl on the table and starts to comfort the fish by trying to sing a lullabye... now tell me.... what do you do when you have a guest singing hush little baby to a feeder fish? I was so lost and the situation was so hilarious.... so I tried talking to the girl for a little bit but I was quickly let go by a sister who came over to talk to her.... let me tell you though! Oh my gosh! and for information, only three out of fifty fish died that day and the restgot homes in a sister's aquarium!
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