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Red face

I am not greek although I am going to attempt it during the new school year. I also know that I have known my sorority of choice for over two years now. I absoulutely do not beleive that you could go through the entire process of becoming a part of one org and then decide it is not right for you. If that is what she is telling you then she is nuts! I beleive that a woman develops a deep love and respect (at least I have) for her org. even before she pledges. If this is true then know matter what school you go to you will always have these feelings. This girl is not only untrue to these orgs. she is untrue to herself. It pains me to know that people are doing this. Most of the greeks that are in their orgs. worked hard to get where they are and even harder to maintain their memberships and keep their orgs. actively involved in the community and I think for someone to come along and play games or attempt to make a mockery of them is ignorant ass hell and I hope she gets caught. I wish everyone would do their research and and make sure that they are picking the right org. You have to love your org. and stand by it no matter what. If I am chosen to be a part of my org. of choice...... I could transfer to fifty schools in fifty different countries and it will always be the right one for me! I am sure most feel that way! Someones need to to school that girl on love, respect, and loyalty. If someone EVER told me they did something like that I would do anything I could to aid in her getting caught. Sisterhood an Service is not a game it is a serious lifetime commitment.
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