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So AEPhi could have gained 6 new chapters, and SDT 5 new chapters. Looking at this list, though, it seems like there was a bigger problem in the greek system at some of these schools, since several had multiple chapters close in 1970-72, and a few more later in the 70's. It sort of makes sense that there wasn't a merger when you look at it like that.
I believe at this time however, that some schools were booting NPC because of discriminatory clauses in their membership. From what I understand. KD, Tri-Delt, Theta, and Pi Phi. (DG had left in '63) were all given ultimatiums around 1970, either integrate or leave because the greeks were not in line w/college policy on discrimination. (This is what the dean of student's told me so...sorry if i'm wrong) So for some the mergers wouldn't matter, because there was also internal strife of needing to align the greek orgs with the changing climate in the college arena. That's just my guess though as to why so many orgs lost so many chapters and many needed to merge/absorb.
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