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Are you sure that the student interviewed on local TV was one of the 3 friends from the RS article? I have not seen any journalists mention that and many are trying to track down the specific people involved in the story. Was there any attempt in the interview to question the friend about why she didn't urge That Jackie needed to go the ER immediately? I have to say, that part of the story certainly caused my antenna to go up. It's just hard to fathom that a friend would respond so utterly callously to someone who has just been gang raped and beaten by seven men. And then I thought maybe I just don't realize how morally bankrupt the average college student has become. I asked my daughter and some of her friends about it when they were home for Thanksgiving. They were all adamant that it's the craziest thing they've ever heard of, and can't imagine it happened remotely the way it was reported. Again, it doesn't mean it's impossible that it happened exactly as described in the article. But what parent would pay to have their daughter in that environment?
Yes. This was a very short film clip on a local station. Not yellow journalism in the least. People here were aghast as well and wanted to know if it was true. The young lady was shown but her name not given. She did say that she had joined an unspecified sorority. The interviewer did not press her on why she had responded to her friend the way she had. There was another short clip of an unnamed sorority member at UVA where she was asked why a young woman wouldn't report such a horror. She replied that the Freshmen (or First
Years as they are called there) wouldn't report it as they were afraid it would hurt their chances of getting into a sorority. The Inter Sorority Council there posted pretty quickly that reporting a rape wouldn't adversely affect the chances of receiving a bid in the least. If the film clip is still available from the local station and I can find it I will post it.
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