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Originally Posted by honorgal View Post
I appreciate your comments. What astounds me is the overwhelming passiveness of this girl. Even more astounding, that feminists are encouraging this kind of passive victim mentality in our next generation of women. It looks like a giant leap backwards.
Originally Posted by Low D Flat View Post
Same here. I don't get it. I have never in my life been too tired to push back if I didn't want to have sex with my boyfriend and he thought I had changed my mind. I can't even imagine being that tired.
You may not understand it, but there is a freeze response, in addition to fight or flight. It is a biological response to a stressful/traumatic situation that is also seen in other animals.

Saying she was too "tired" makes me think she could have experienced tonic immobility (the freeze response) but is not able to articulate that more precisely.
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