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Video Recruitment

Originally Posted by Ace23 View Post
I am going to guess GoGoolia that maybe your daughterís video did not showcase herself as well as maybe she wanted. My daughter has now participated in two recruitments as an active. Last year completely online and this year hybrid. She has expressed that there can be a wide range in success of the PNM videos. Some are very carefully crafted and others maybe donít reflect the PNM as well as the PNM would probably hope. Maybe due to your daughterís last minute decision to proceed through recruitment it did not showcase her as well. Just a thought.
I do think you could be right @ace23. I don't think she had both feet in the water and maybe it showed. She is also a very outgoing person but I could see how that might not quite come across in every video. That is why I supported her decision to try again when she was more prepared and could actually get a feel for the houses by meeting them in person. Hopefully, that will happen someday soon. It is also a big decision to make and doing based on one video could be stressful. She actually has already received a couple of offers through COB but has decided to wait till spring or maybe even sophomore year.
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