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Originally Posted by Cheerio View Post
There have been more than a few smaller, 4-year schools opening for NPC expansion over the past decade where it's ended up that NO NPC groups have 'taken the bait' to expand. What could possibly make community colleges a more attractive, desirable option for expansion by an NPC group over one of those NPC-rejected schools?
I can also think of a couple other reasons. The CC might be in an area with a ton of alumni interested in volunteering, whereas I know some of the 4-year schools that didn't get any interest were in the middle of goddamn nowhere and probably didn't have any kind of alumni base nearby for any organization.

Also, some 4-year schools have either former national orgs gone local, always-local orgs, or other student orgs filling a similar niche that have serious RFM and/or hazing concerns. If a school already has a strong hazing culture, it makes perfect sense that no NPC group would want to swim against the current trying to create a chapter where hazing isn't tolerated when every other social group on campus does it. A community college that's essentially a blank slate in terms of student org campus culture would be a much easier and safer choice.
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