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Originally Posted by jesidz
From the PNM side-remember to dress classy. I was honestly surprised by the outfits that some people chose but all the girls seemed very nice. It seems like the PNM's are much more bold than usual. They were very honest in their feelings and assessments of our chapter and others which was good but strange. Sometimes I think girls forget that the chapters are choosing first and matching with them.
How very true! I think a lot of PNMs come from the pre-recruitment meetings having heard the message "You'll go where you fit in, choose the best house for you!" and get an inflated sense of "control" in the situation. In order to promote recruitment and to not scare away women, I think a lot of greek life offices and Rho Chis tend to gloss over the unfortunate reality that PNMs are essentially powerless in this process. Honestly, the sororities have like 90% of control over the fate of individual PNMs... there's only a very small handful of exceptional PNMs that are really able to have their choice of their favorite houses.

In terms of the outfits, I sometimes hear the PNMs say "I was told to dress to stand out"... PNMs don't necessarily understand that this means, say, a pretty and unique necklace, not a cowboy hat or a neon green boa. While it's good for a PNM to show her unique and endearing qualities, TOO much "standing out" can cause a sorority to be like "She's nothing like our girls, she won't be happy here." A lot of the 18-20 set also don't understand the difference between "dressing up" and "going to the club." I honestly sometimes wonder why an 18 y.o. PNM would come to my chapter with her boobs hanging out. I'm like "There are no guys here, so who are you trying to impress?" Church and sorority recruitment are the two of the only times in a woman's life where it's essential to err on the conservative side, in manner and dress.

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