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Why couldn’t all University IFC offices work with each fraternity HQ to identify which groups are having issues? (Yes, initially, it would be much work to coordinate, but after that, it could be a monthly/bi-monthly report sent via email.) Each university IFC office could report incidents to the individual HQs and vise versa.

If this does already happen, it’s not working well.

Then, any verified issues for that campus could be given to PNMs prior to recruitment.
Just read the heartbreaking article of the Gruver parents who said if they had known the past hazing incidents of the LSU Phi Delt chapter, they would have asked their son if that group was the best to join. Plus, young men going through recruitment could ask members how they are addressing issues (hazing, low GPA, social probation, etc.).

If could help with accountability. Plus, the rest of the Greek groups on each campus already KNOW which groups haze, but most other groups wouldn’t “gossip” as it's considered bad form. Please don’t say Rush Disadvantage. With each misdeed, that chapter makes its bed.

This goes for NPC groups too.

Kevin - any legal concerns with this?

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