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Re: Walking Women Home

Originally posted by thetagammachica
Is it a common pratice at other universities for fraternity brothers to walk home women, especially when they are intoxicated?

Is this something that happens in more urban campuses or it doesn't matter?
You bet we did. Regardless of the sobriety of the woman.

It was even more so a priority right after the tragic killings at Florida State back in 1978.

Right after the murders, and while Bundy was still at large, an intoxicated homeless man broke into one of the sorority houses at Kentucky. Two of my best friends from high school were members. He made it all the way to the third floor where he was found. He claimed he just wanted to see the inside of a sorority house.

In any case, this coming right after the killings put the whole UK community on edge. While the university was setting up a safety escort service, they also quickly set up a buddy system to escort women around campus at night. This was for the women's dorms, the sororities as well as women who lived off campus and who would be escorted to their cars.

The idea was that until the university's system was in place, each sorority (dorm) was to get male friends to sign up to be escorts. This way, each house 'knew' the person that would be escorting them.

I volunteered with my friends' chapter. As did other friends, biological brothers and boyfriends of the chapter. Same happen with the other groups. While many already knew me/us, we were 'formally' introduced to the membership so those members who did not know us would now know who to expect.

This was back prior to cell phones etc. so the girl either set something up ahead of time - i.e. meet inside the library at 8 p.m. - or the girl called their sorority house (dorm) and then the house would call one of 'their guys' to escort her home.
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