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I just transferred to a large public university from a smaller liberal arts school. My GPA for the one year I attended the old school was a 2.8. I have checked every possible grade report and everywhere it just says credits transferred, with no actual alphabetical grades. I am currently rushing as a sophomore, and listed on my IFC app that I had a 3.6. its the end of rush and nothing has been said to me. Is my GPA a 0.0 here and fraternities will just know that I have transfer credits, or will they somehow gain access to not only my credit report but also the GPA from my past school? I have not made any FERPA commitments to release anything to fraternities, so do I genuinely have a fresh start, and am free to rush without my physical grades and GPA being evaluated? Greek life is not huge here btw, as in the school revolves around it.
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