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Originally Posted by SthrnZeta View Post
I was told (and believed) this myth up until this moment. I'm shocked AND I feel stupid! And now I also feel jipped! They're starting to get dorms on my campus and I'm sure someday they'll have houses - no fair! My boyf, a Delta Tau Delta at UGA had a pretty sweet house (it's even in a local Krystal commercial) and I'm super jealous!
Ha ha, I've seen the commercial you're talking about, and I was wondering whose house that was.

My sister went to West Georgia for two semesters and swears that the reason they don't have Greek housing is the brothel law. I tried to explain to her that this rumor is prevalent on pretty much every college campus that has Greek life without Greek housing, but she stubbornly swears that in their case, it's real. Oh well.
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