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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
Of course, these are all ridiculous, and I can't understand why people feel such entitlement on a day that's not about them at all.

But I truly feel bad for the couple in #27. It's one thing when it's a crazy aunt or a distant friend making unreasonable requests, but when it's a parent ruining everything for their kids, it's especially unfortunate.

27) "My dad insisted that his band get to play at our wedding.

My wife and I were dead set against it. My dad would not stop asking over and over again to let his band play at the reception.

We kept saying no, so he decided to get creative. He calls me up one day and says he is paying for our honeymoon and that he has booked us a cruise to Mexico.

He then asks again if his freaking band can play at the wedding. I talk it over with my wife and we compromised that they can play at the reception hall for a couple hours between the actual wedding and the reception.

The wedding was at 3 pm.and reception was to start at 5 pm.

We figured his band could entertain people while they waited for us to show up (we provided drinks and snacks for people that went straight to the hall).

While my wife and I are having pictures taken, I text a friend and ask how my dad's band sounds. He says they aren't playing.

I'm confused now because we explicitly told him when they could perform.

So, now I'm of the understanding that my father's band isn't going to be performing.

We get to the reception hall and see that my mother had rearranged everything while we were getting pictures taken.

The head table we set up, the way we wanted the tables grouped, she moved everything. So, of course, my wife bursts into tears seeing how everything had been moved.

We actually have a picture of me seeing that everything had been moved with a blank expressionless look on my face and then a second pic of my wife noticing and the look of shock and sadness.

So the wedding reception begins.

My dad comes up to and starts trying to negotiate when his band will play. We already paid for a DJ.

I told him it's not possible anymore. He persists. Dinner is served (when can my band play?). Toast by best man (when can my band play?).

First dance by the couple (when can my band play?).

It gets to the point that my best man starts fighting with my dad.

They're screaming at each other and my best man is yelling 'Stop bringing up the freaking band.'

Here's the best part -- the band members weren't even there yet.

And when they did arrive, they all brought their whole freaking families. After a few hours at the reception, I told my dad that his band could play whatever they wanted, then my wife and I left.

Oh, and my dad didn't perform in this band, he just wrote songs for them.

It took my wife a solid five years to be able to be in the same room with my dad again."
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