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I like that idea, QueenD!

There are two NPC sororities I can think of off the top of my head that only allow initiated sisters to wear the Greek letters: Alpha Epsilon Phi and Kappa Alpha Theta. If your daughters are in either of those sororities, and they have items with the Greek letters on them, then I suggest you send them to your daughters. If they don't want them, give them to another family member or a friend who is a sister, or, failing that, send them to a chapter. If absolute push comes to absolute shove, destroy them.

Otherwise, I would say that if your daughters don't want them and you don't know of a sister or a chapter that would take them, you could donate them rather than destroying them.

I cannot speak definitively for non-NPC groups, but I'm near certain that none of the NPHC sororities (or fraternities) allow anyone other than initiated members to wear their letters - so what I described for AEPhi and Theta would apply there too. I'll step aside and let an actual NPHC member correct me if I'm wrong.
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