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What your research. Learn the history, principle and founding mission of the organization.

ATTEND EVERY EVENT OR MEETING of your prospective organization & be early!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER wear your prospective organizations colors! I get soooo heated when I see interests rocking my colors.

Never say, anything with soror of xyz org met with me. Always says, "I met with a member of XYZ organization".

Be cool, make friends with at least one ACTIVE member in your organization's chapter. Sororities are in the business of making future sisters and if you can't take the time to say hi, ask how your day is, learn what type person does, then it says something about what you will be like as a member.

Never disrespect the members (curse, yell, talk down, show up late). They ARE members, you are NOT.

If you are late, then let the ONE person you're cool with know before the meeting starts.


And never give up on becoming a member. Anyone can be interested in an organization, but following up and being persistent (not annoying) will set you apart from all the others.
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