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Originally Posted by naraht View Post
Looking for some specifics before we start counting.

I presume that NIC, NPC, NPHC and NALFO "Social Greeks" chapters recognized on campus count as "Greek Life". and I presume that having Phi Beta Kappa or Pi Delta Phi (French Honorary) don't count as greek life.

However (These are specifically aimed at determining Georgetown and Harvard)
1) Do Professionals count toward the school having Greek Life? For ex: Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, Theta Tau?
2) Do the Service Greeks count: Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Sigma Sigma?
3) Do GLOs which have chapters which accept members from a school count toward having a chapter there, So for example, does the fact that Omega Psi Phi Gamma chapter accepts student members from Harvard (as well as the following other Boston schools:BU, BC, MIT and a few others) mean that Harvard has greek life?
4) If the Student Liaison has a liaison to Fourteen different NIC/NPC/NPHC/Professional Fraternities but none are recognized by the school (See ) does that count?
5) And as for West Point, see which is about the Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter that includes the undergraduate members *at* West Point.
Yes, any of the National, traditional social Greeks, regardless of counsel, or service Greeks that have social events (APO, GSS)
1) not unless the professor groups events included social and philanthropy events on a national basis (not if it’s a few schools who host an annual formal)
3) no
4) curious as to what schools would have a liaison but no groups
5) probably not, unless the chapter actually functions like a chapter: meetings, recruitment, social events, philanthropy, reporting to national/international HQ

Okay, take Harvard off the initial list:

Georgetown does has Greek life:

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