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Post NPC Recruitment Change...

There is a part of Panhellenic recruitment that I have been thinking about. It's the part about not being eligible to pledge another sorority for one calendar year if you decline a bid offered to you. I personally think that this should be changed. Women are more transient and more fickle these days. I think allowing a woman to try and join a sorority after ONE semester would be better for Greek life...Any thoughts on this? I've been thinking about this and really think this would help with retaining girls who are interested in going Greek. A calendar year is too much time to worry about keeping her interested. We are missing out on a key market here!! Let's look at this from a marketing perspective. I rush and do not get a bid from the sorority I wanted. I will be sullen and upset for a while, but if I know that I can try again in 5 months or so, I will not be so upset, just more willing to try again. I would get the opportunity to meet more sorority sisters and get more involved on campus. ALSO, what if I find out I like XYZ sorority better than ABC that I originally wanted? I can see joining them in 5 months. But a year? That gives me too much of a chance to say "Forget Greeks" and join band instead because they accepted me...Anyone have an opposing view?

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