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Originally Posted by Cheerio View Post
Perhaps this answer appeared in another thread, but does anyone know if OMG ordered the special NPC AOII emerald badge commemorating Carole Jones' 2017-19 tenure as NPC Chair? And will that badge be available through 2021 to coincide with Carole's new two-year term as Chair?

That's funny - I was just at Convention and found myself sitting next to one of the women on the Rituals, Traditions and Jewelry committee and asked her if the badge is going to be extended to 2021 since Carole is now going to be Chair for two more years. She didn't know. I haven't bought mine yet because of numerous issues people have had with the quality of the badge, I suppose I'll pull the trigger eventually.

I also asked her if there would be a special badge for our upcoming 125th anniversary - she didn't say no!
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