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Originally Posted by OleMissGlitter View Post
I have a few favorites besides of course my beautiful AOII badge!

ZTA! Love this one on HJ Greek!

GPhiB! So pretty with pearls and emeralds!

Alpha Xi the emeralds and pearls (I love emeralds in case y'all are wondering!)

Can't leave out KD's gorgeous badge with emerald points!

I know I've seen a KKG key and a Theta badge with emeralds before...just can't find a picture.

But these are all ones I would have to have!!!
Originally Posted by unarose View Post
So, OleMissGlitter, if AOII would let you get an emerald badge…
Originally Posted by OleMissGlitter View Post
Well, I would have to see what it looks like....I can't picture our badge with other stones besides rubies, pearls, and diamonds
Perhaps this answer appeared in another thread, but does anyone know if OMG ordered the special NPC AOII emerald badge commemorating Carole Jones' 2017-19 tenure as NPC Chair? And will that badge be available through 2021 to coincide with Carole's new two-year term as Chair?
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