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My alma mater is a small liberal arts university with a small Greek system (currently four sororities and three fraternities). The university has a special program for students which gives "points" for attending a variety of campus programs, events and trainings throughout the year. Score enough points and the university will give you a couple thousand dollars off your tuition. The university decided a couple of years ago that fall formal recruitment would be included among the programs for which students could earn points. Students now earn points for attending the Sisterhood round of parties (open to all registered for recruitment) and the Philanthropy round (first round of invites). Last year, almost 140 women registered for fall recruitment, but more than half of them dropped by the end of the Philanthropy round, and only about 65 women actually attended Pref parties. While the university feels that it's a great opportunity for freshmen and transfer students to meet people and learn about Greek life (and campus life), the GLO's have more mixed feelings. Yes, some women who were iffy about joining a GLO might be swayed once they've attended parties and seen all of them up close. But a lot of time, effort and money is being expended on participants who aren't really interested, and the high drop rates can impact RFM.

So this isn't really an example of the school "cutting" PNM's; more like giving women an incentive to participate and then removing that incentive before Preference. And no school cares about recommendations -- that is something determined by each chapter, based on it's national's policies.
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