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Wow ladies (and I use that term loosely here) you are HARSH! way to represent the greek community. You were amazingly quick to bash my daughters Morals (no she is not a drunken sleaze making out with fraternity guys or girls for that matter on a bar), insinuate that she is lacking fashion sense (she is an elite model -so no rhinestone pantihose here). I sure hope that none of the posters are a member of my sorority. But thank you anyways, you gave me and my daughter a good laugh and have officially turned our thoughts around about being disappointed that she did not make it past round 3 (she was dropped) before Pref night. It is good to know that girls like my daughter (in your opinion) belong in a lower tier house. What it wrong with thinking that there is not such thing as a lower tier house. You might trying showing compassion to girls who are clearly not in your league...
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