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Originally Posted by kkgdgmom View Post
I beg to defer - my daughter was just cut from all houses while rushing at a Big Ten University, she is an out of state student. She was a legacy at KKG, DG, Theta, and about devasting, her sister is currently a "sitting "sister at KKG" and she assumed that she was a shoo-in - she is a pretty (an Elite model), smart (at the University on a full scholarship for being a National Merit Scholar) and has a many hours logged in community service.
There's a serious gap in this story. I'd like to know at what point she was cut all the way out. I don't think there's a Big 10 campus that doesn't have at least 1 sorority that is struggling enough to take virtually anyone who meets the criteria. Again (and this is said so many times on GC) was she literally cut from every house? At the University of Iowa, all the houses you mentioned are pretty prestigious. But there are at least 2 or 3 chapters who are struggling. The only way she'd have been cut from my chapter, as a for instance, is if she was unbelievably rude. And out of state would have no impact at a Big 10 school. Out of state is far and away too common at those schools to have an impact. If nothing else, someone from an unusual state would have a benefit from being different and memorable.

If she's at a Big 10 school and got cut out, I'd suggest she look at COB, and accept that she's going into a lower tier house. If she's all that, she'll be able to make an impact on the chapter immediately.
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