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But the new rush scheduling also poses some problems, such as increased possibility of "dirty rushing," or rushing girls outside of organized rush events, said Teresa Sakai, a freshman majoring in psychology who joined a sorority last semester.

"It will be hard for active members to not talk to potential new members during that week-long period," Sakai said.

Seriously, it's called "watch yourself". Obviously, if you see you have a class with a PNM and she says Hi, well duh say hi back and if for some reason she wants to discuss recruitment you say "I'm sorry, I am unable to discuss recruitment outside the recruitment time frame" (or something like that). If you are in a group with a PNM you only talk about your classwork. There is a difference between respecting the PNM in class and talking about classwork and dirty rushing (at least in my mind).

I really like how Panhel said they were going to educate chapters on dirty rushing.

I would hope that the sorority members would watch what they say because if Panhel found out about a dirty rushing incident, WOW that would be a huge rush infraction. (And not knowing rush infractions I don't know what would happen to the chapter/sister)
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