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Recruitment at Ole Miss is delayed into the fall semester until about 6-8 weeks. In Fall 2006 it will be about 8 weeks into the semester falling during mid-terms.

1. If your recruitment is delayed, how do you charge new members dues? If they pledge say on October 2 like this past year we did not start charging them until November. However they were charged for the full month of December because we didn't start billing them right away. This has never been a problem. We usually just wait a couple of weeks for them to get adjusted. However, they do have to pay their new member fee right away.

2. What are the rules at your school surrounding disaffiliation for Pi Chis/Rho Chis/Rho Gammas (whatever you call them at your school)? For our Rho Chi's they can still eat the house and so we do not discount them at all. They have never asked so that is probably why we have never discounted their dues. Our Greek life encourages them to attend events still but they are to attend chapter meetings and then leave when anything rush related is talked about. They also just have to be careful and use the back door before rush when they come to eat at the house.

3. What are the rules at your school surrounding contact between sorority members and freshmen women?
At Ole Miss it is pretty strict but PNM's can still talk to sorority members but it has to be about other things and if they talk about rush it has to be general talk. They start silence week the week before I believe. Our Greek Life is changing up some rules. They also do not allow sorority members to give rides or buy things for PNM's which I think most schools have those rules.

4. Do you find that most PNMs have already made up their mind about which group they want to join before Formal Recruitment begins? It just depends. Some girls know the want to be an XYZ before they even graduate high school. However, some girls can be won over during that time. It is a great time for a sorority who is not always a first chioce to step up their PR efforts before rush starts. They can for example all wear the same shirts to class on a certain, have a philanthropic event before rush, stuff like that. It is possible to win over a few more girls before the game starts.
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