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Two girls I remember back in my day of rushing in the early 1990s.

I rushed this girl who had shoulder length black straight hair parted down the side. HOWEVER, her one side of her hair hung directly infront of her eye (I forget which side) so much that you could only see her one side of her face. We commented on it but she was cute enough to bring back and thought that maybe her barrette fell out or she didn't want to figdet with her haid all through our party so she kept it infront of her face.

Anyway, next round she cam back and her hair was exactly the same. Now we were wondering if she had an eye behind her hair or if it was an empty socket! It was a running joke among us as to whoever had her to try to find out what was hidden under her hair. It was really creepy after a while but also really funny.

She pledged a prodimentely jewish house on campus and we never found out if it was an empty socket or what!

Next girl I had was BEAUTIFUL. I mean drop dead. I mean so beyond beautiful she was almost painful to look at because she was so outstanding looking. HOWEVER, she was a total and complete b**ch to me. We invited her back and again I came over and said hello and she seriously didn't attempt manners with me or anything and didn't speak to me. Or anyone else.

I wanted to cut her but I was a pretty respected member and we were a new chapter and our advisors wanted us to keep her for as long as we could for eye candy. Fine, during voting I was mature and voted for her stating that there were two more rounds of parties and she was quite beautiful. Fine, we kept her and I was sick about it. Third round (before preference) she came back and was exactly the same. So, she wasn't just rude to me but also my little and other sisters so I had had it. Respected member or not I directly went to our national officers who were there supervising and CRIED (I am not a crier) to them saying that I DO NOT want her as a sister. Knowing that if we didn't cut her this round, she would be on our bid list once she showed up at preference. Luckilly we cut her and you know what? EVERY other house did too.

She was a nightmare.
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