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My honest opinion is that you carefully fold up your 'naila and work your behind off until you are able to submit your paper work to IHQ. This was the fault of the chapter, not you, and so usually the chapter will recognize you (allow you to participate on a local level) if you chose to "wear 'naila" until your paperwork is accepted.

However, you would be doing both yourself and the organziation a disservice by doing so. You will not be as motivated to get your stuff together if you have some of the benefits of Sorority membership, but not all. Many ghost members never seem to get around to becoming official. You do a disservice to the organization because they cannot use your time, talents and money on an International level, because you do not exist. You are always looking over your shoulder to ensure you don't run into an "official" member who is not a member of your local chapter. You fear being "found out". You cannot attend any official sorority function as a member, even locally. The chapter recieves benefit of your particpation, but you cannot be offically recognized for your work. Being a "ghost" member may seem like a solution, but it rarely is to your benefit--the cons outway the pros. Wait, and the rewards will be sweeter.

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