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Gamma Phi Beta - Peanuts and Olives

Here is the story as I was told:

During one of Gamma Phi's first initiations at Syracuse (sometimes reported to be THE first) a lovely after-initiation feast was laid out to be enjoyed by all the sisters. While they were performing the initiation, SOMEONE (Alpha Phi? Helen M. Dodge had been asked to become an Alpha Phi but declined, and then there is always friendly panhellenic rivalry. Fraternity boys playing a prank? We'll never know!) stole everything for the banquet - except, you guessed it, peanuts and olives. So now they are the traditional food served by Gamma Phis. We even have "The Peanuts and Olive Song".

"Then come my sisters true!
And crack your peanuts do!
For in Gamma Phi Beta
from Alpha to Eta
we eat peanuts and olives too!"
Gamma Phi Beta
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