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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
Thank you dear for the advice!

She is actually from the Chardon area and will probably be having her wedding somewhere up there, since the church is there. Chardon/Newbury is a very nice area, so she has TONS of options (even more when you include the other Cleveland and Lake Erie area suburbs), just no New England style castles. LOL.

We've had the "you can skimp on other items and splurge on others" discussion before, but the problem is, she doesn't want to "skimp" on anything, because she doesn't want her wedding to "look cheap."
Smart people know that just because something is inexpensive, doesn't mean it has to look bad.

She just has to learn to accept her budget for what it is and work it the best she can. Hell, it's not like it's less than 10 grand or something, it's almost $20,000! That's DOUBLE what some people have. But it's just not good enough. She wants like $40,000. Sad.

Isn't that near Cleveland's Museum of Art? Has she thought of having her wedding there? Can't get much classier, and the cost of the museums I checked out was in line with any other place. And, very different!

Okay, I think anyone who buys a Disney Wedding Dress must wear those Minnie Mouse Ears with a Veil with it!

We're having our Convention at Disney World next year, and I'm going soley to get Minnie Mouse ears with an azure blue bow.
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