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Originally Posted by SthrnZeta View Post
And what's the deal with all the pieces in the invitation? Do you really need a separate one for the reception - can't you just say reception to follow since the reception site is on the same property as the chapel? Just seems silly to me... We would like people to RSVP on our wedding site but we know some may prefer to mail in a card so we'll include that also. Just seems like invitations are unncecessarily expensive, and then you throw in the Save the Date magnets we want and it's approaching $4-500!! And that doesn't include programs and napkins and any other stationary items! I mean, is $20,000 a realistic budget for a wedding of approx 100 people?
Invitation-You can do what you want. If you can have a simple regular invite, you can just put "reception immediately following" on the bottom. Then just insert a standard response card and envelope. I know that pocketfolds are popular right now, but they are not a must. I know that we have a good portion of guests that are out of town (OOT), so we are doing pocketfolds to include all information. If you have a website, this may also work, but don't forget your non-tech guests.

I would look into for your save-the-date magnets. I designed ours myself in Adobe and had them printed (I'm lucky to have some design knowledge though). Sign up for their coupons and you can get the magnets free or really discounted. It was like $30 for 100 I think. I am also going to order thank you cards from them as well with our monogram on them that I designed too.

Yes, your budget is realistic for 100 guests. There are ways to cut costs so you can spend in others. I don't know how crafty you are, but there are a lot of things you can do yourself, like invitations, programs, etc. Plus there are things people "think" they need and they don't. Programs and favors are big ones. I'd rather not have a program than a xerox copy of the ceremony thanks! Check ebay for a lot of things, especially the napkins. A lot of vendors are highly recommended.

It can be very overwhelming, but thankfully you have time. Just work on the big tickets items first to get those booked and then look down the checklist.
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