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it could have happened....

It could have happened to anybody. Abolutely any party any where in the nation could have had a costume that was "racially offensive" or "sexist", but it just so happens that the Auburn chapter was "caught." In this day and age, every greek has to watch what they do, for fear of getting shut down, no matter how powerful the alumni are on that campus. Delta Sigma Phi is a fraternity accepting all races, Christian or Jewish, and meeting black members who are not appalled at the incident, but rather upset that it had to happen within their organization says something to me. In this nation there are 10% of people who care about politically incorrect madness and there are 90% of people who don't. At any institution, whether it be a college, university, or even a business, the minority will always have the right away.

I do not agree with the actions of our Auburn chapter, but I do not condemn them, they are brothers who got caught in an action that could have happened to absolutely any organization, anywhere in this country.

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