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Hey Everyone!

Every semester my sorority does senior send off and this is the first year that I am doing it. Normally at Senior Send Off the Senior say a little speech and pass down anything to anyone that they no longer want or need, after the passing down the girls of age than go on a bar crawl (because our house is a dry house). In the end I want this semester to be simply amazing and creative so that everyone can enjoy it. I am looking for some fun, creative, and cheep ideas to help make this the most amazing Senior Send Off and Possibly be reelected for Special events in the Spring 2013 semester! If you have any fun and creative Ideas I would love to hear them!!
Last year my chapter made a video and had someone (little, biological sister, close friend, or a couple of girls) say a little something about each graduating sister. It could be funny, sharing a memory, heartfelt, whatever they wanted, just about a 30 second clip. Some girls even did a quick skit or wore funny costumes.
Ex: "Susie, I'm so glad you're my big sister, have an amazing time in New York next year, try not to get Starbucks every day haha..."
We did this with about 40 girls graduating, so this could work for a big or small chapter. Making a googledoc and having certain times people come to record their part is helpful to make sure every senior has a clip about them.
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